Monday, 17 November 2008

Upgrading Dell Desktop E521

(NOTICE: For the first time, ever since I made this website, I have received a donation from a generous person. I would like to say thank you very much to the person from my deep heart. Any questions regarding E521 and PCs, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will get back to you straight away. Thank you again.)

E521 and Myself.

Last year, I got this Dell Dimension E521. Until today, I was upgrading this Desktop to meet my standard. If you inspect carefully, the model of the Motherboard, CPU, and the Graphic card, they are bit old and not really designed for gamers. Not even designed for a mid range gamers or casual gamers who plays games that are out today I think. But this desktop can run most games that were out in 2003 and 2004 for sure. £600 sounds nice but not nice in terms of the performance especially if you have bought it with Windows Vista on it!. But it is well recommended for those of you who just want to Email, Web Surfing, watch movies and word processing.

Upgrading this Desktop is bit hard and a little time and money consuming. Let's see what we can do to bring this desktop to a true midrange to midrange (some fussy people might say Mid to low) desktop that is capable of playing modern Games more or less decently.


1. About CPU
-Compatible CPUs
-Little note about AMD 6400+
-Little note about Brisbaine CPUs (AMD 5000+ BE and 6000+ Brisbaine)
-Choosing among the CPUs
-CPU Driver and Useful Softwares
-Overclocking the CPU

2. About Motherboard
-Buying motherboard
-About Motherboard Heatsink

3. About CPU Heatsinks
-Option 1: Installing the stock Heatsink
-Option 2: Same Heatsink Model used in Optiplex
-Option 3: Installing Noctua NH-U9B
-Option 4: Installing Cooler Master Hyper TX CPU Cooler
-Water Cooling??

4. Memory, RAM
-Why do we need a lot o RAMs
-Compatible RAMs
-How to install Rams
-How much RAMs can you put in E521??
-RAM Disk Configurations Part 1
-RAM Disk Configurations Part 2

5. Graphic Card
-Compatible Graphic Cards
-Installation of Graphic Cards (Updated. adding Double slot installations soon)

6. About Power Supply
-Choosing Compatible PSU

7. Hard Drive
-Which Hard drive is better?
-How much can you put in E521
-Caution before you install the new hard drive

8. Front Fan and Additional Fans
-Buying Fans
-Installing Front Fan
-Installing Additional Fans

9. Installing additional DVD drive
10. Cables
11. Conclusion
12. About my Webpage
-Thank you Mick!
-Thank you Toine!
13.Anti Virus Softwares

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Rethcir said...


Thanks for the great article! I'm probably going to be doing similar upgrades soon. Can you post an example of an Optiplex P4 Heatsink that would work for this? They are widely available on ebay for significantly cheaper than the Noctua and I don't think I'll be overclocking so I don't know if i want to invest that much.

Mick said...


thank you for the nice review on upgrading the E521. I personally have one (4600 Ghz).

I did most of the upgrades you suggested:

1) went from 1GB to 4GB RAM (PC6400, 800mhz) since it is extremely cheap (20 $ for 2GB)

2) had a great deal on a new Sylverstone DA650 modular PSU (60$)

3) bough a new video card Nvidia 9800 GT (115$)

4) installed a PCI-E eSATA card and connected a new external SATA Hard drive (500GB) (30$ + 100$).

I should have got a PCI SATAT bracket instead (15$) but i was new to this, anyways works fine.

So i think i will stop now unless... Is it worth the trouble of upgrading the CPU from a 4600 (2.4 ghz) to a 6400 (3 ghz)?

I want to play high end games and i notice on the benchmark ( that you only get a 25%-30% frame per second increase if i upgrade my CPU to the 6400 one.

I find it risky and lot of trouble for surch a small increase, what do you think i should do?

Thanks in advance and again, nice review and tips.


Mick said...
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........ said...


Hi sorry for the extreme delay of replying. Yes, I have mentioned about the optiplex heatsink.

here is the link where you can get it.

........ said...
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Mick said...
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Mick said...
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T.OINARI said...
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T.OINARI said...
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Mick said...


i bough it! :)

Finnally found the last part (CPU) to complete my upgrade without spending all my wallet:

- AMD Athlon X2 6400+ 3.2 ghz Black Edition (111$ US including the original heatsink and fan!)

I will received it shortly. Until then, i have to buy the thermal paste. For the cleaner, i think i'll just use a domestic alcool solution.


* I just hope the CPU stays cool enought with the fan coming with the kit... this is my big worry right now.

* Also this CPU got 2MB on the L2 Cache, i hope that is not too big because i have read that 1MB was the max for the E521:

Anyways, you made it work so i should do too.

Can you reassure me by telling me the CPU core temp at idle and full load on your system?

Also, if you have any other advices before i open the case and start this delicate procedure? Please let me know, thanx a lot!



PS. By the way, i made the BIOS upgrade already (v1.1.11), works like a charm.

T.OINARI said...

To Mick.

Mick, it says 1mb per core and not per CPU. Make sure you don't get confused with the terms core and cpu.
Yes the biggest concern is the heat. Here are the advice (would it better communicating with through email maybe?)

1. Get the OCZ thermal paste like I wrote on my post. This is far much better in cooling than artic silver.

2. The stock cooler that comes with the 6400+ box, won't fit into the system. You really need to get the heatsink I have suggested:

(this is the only one heatsink that is inexpensive and effective, no hassle)

The heatsink (link above) is originally used for the optiplex one and is slightly different from what you have there!! but not to worry it fits straight out of the box!

3. two Hyper 80mm fan to put them on the back of the system.

Once you get all three of them, it should be fine.

Since London (my place) is a cold place now, I can't tell you the exact temp of the cpu right now but here it is:

Idle: 24C - 35C Average 34C
Full Load: 40C - 55C Average 45-48C

The average shows the temp that I got when I have upgraded my components and the temp that everyone should get at least.

Place your desktop on a cooler place and that would be totally fine.

I am going to update my post as I have forgotten to add more information about fan you mentioned.

(once it worked, don't Overclock please. you will get a blue screen as dell motherboard is not compatible with overclocking)

Will you rather send me the email? Just for precautions. If you can send me the pic and in case you have any problems? because that is easier for me rather than signing up into blogger. (since there is no reply button!!)


Mick said...

Hi Tomo,

It is working!!!! :)

I used the delivered AMD 6400+ heatsink in the box!!! God i had trouble to make it work but it seems to be verry stable. I have almost the same temperature you get on idle and full load: mine is a bit lower.

You know what they say, a picture is better then many words to explain so i took a lot of pictures if you are interested on how i did it. I will send you the whole bunch of pics and some explanations tomorow. Feel free to upload them on your great site. I am too tired right now, the upgrade took some time :)



Anonymous said...

Finally I got a AMD 6400+ they will become very rare here in my country. Price was Euro 91,-- incl shipping and Tax. It was without a fan and heatsink. I will overclock (volt and FSB, yep this is possible on a Dell E521) so I'm going for the Noctua U9b, better cooling as the optiplex unit I suppose. Btw you can not install a big cooling unit like the Noctua U12p because of the cooler height.
For the Videocard, I'm going for Gigabyte series, first choice ATI HD4780-1Gb, second Nvidia 9800GTX+ also 1Gb, (need 1Gb for my games). Why; look at there shape they are very compact, no big fanhouse here. A big Videocard fanhouse will stuck at the bridgechip heatsink or at the stock CPU cooling house. These Gigabyte video cards have only one big fan and its has only 1 slot at the backsite, like your Asus4850.

But now my question, I need a bigger PSU. Because my first choice will be the HD4870 card so I did take a look at the ATI website for their PSU recommendations. But I do not know if they will fit. The Dell is a BTX, but the all the PSU are ATX. How did you do the selection and based on what???? The watt calculations is not a problem, lott of freesites for detemine the Watts.

T.OINARI said...

Hi Anonymous

First, please don't trust other website too much. Even you have successfully overclocked the AMD 6400+, you will not be able to play heavy games that requires the CPU power a lot. AMD 6400+ is quite hot. I personally did overclockings (didn't mention in the website though) but because this motherboard is not really designed for overclocking the CPU, it ended up with bluescreen. Yes, you can overclock ''a bit'' but that's it for AMD 6400+.

Noctua U9b is the choice here. Anything bigger than that won't fit as i have tested. But for Noctua U9b, you need additional screws and washers..etc as i have mentioned in my webpage.

I didn't mention the method of installing Noctua U9b yet. This is because it was from someone else.

As for the video card, if you can afford the single slot ones, please do so.

Determining which PSU to get is '' the measurement'' of your current PSU. I forgot the exact measurement but the width and length should be more or less the same. As for the height, it can be a little bigger than what you have at the moment. Anyways, measure it.

It doesn't really matter which ATX PSU to get as long as the measurement is right. Perfectly fine on BTX motherboard.

Also, I have a favor to ask you.

After the successful installation of Noctua U9b, will you send me the procedure you took to install the heatsink with the photos to my email. Because i really need to update that part.

Hope I can cooperate with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the Anonymous, did not know how this Blog works, I have got installed the 6400+ but I did not use the Noctua as I planned, did use the Coolermaster Hyper TX2. Why; because in the CPU coolertest at Tomshardware the Coolermaster is better then the Noctua. I know its not the 9series they tested, but the 12 serie. The U12F serie is much bigger so must be a better performer then the 9serie. You can actualy say the Coolermaster is better than the Noctua U12F and U9B range. I hope you can follow my statement!!!!,review-30238-10.html

BTW the Coolermaster is only 14euro, the Noctua 60euro.
I have made some photo's I can sent them to you?? Let me know how?

Both they do not fit in the Dell mobo, Noctua you must bent the bracket. The Coolermaster is cheap, better performer but difficult to build in. If you do not have the time and can not handle tools do not use the Coolermaster but stay to the Noctua9.

Noticed the Coolermaster Fan is very Quiet and the 6400+ is running cool. I'm going to over clock. What did you use, I want to use Clockgen and Central Brain Identifier for the ubervoltage

For the Videocard I will wait, because this summer the DirectX11 cards based on new GPU form factors are released, so the Gigabyte HD4870 must be cheaper priced. I'm playing Combatflysims, like IL-2, CFS3 Over Flanders Fields and for the future Rise of Flight (only this game needs more GPU and CPU power). So the 6400+ do not have any problem for playing these old monocore based games. Its all Ghz what are counting here.


T.OINARI said...

To Toine (or Anonymous??)

Thank you for the comment. I really need to fix that Noctua part of my Blog because i know that it won't fit by just putting it in normally like you mentioned.

Anyways, I have made this webpage to help others who really want to upgrade this BTX based Desktop so any new ways of upgrading is totally welcome here.(and please do so..)

Coolermaster looks nice! You can get my email address by clicking on my portrait or here it is:

Couple of parts of my blog is not from me. I really would like you to co-operate with this article. If you can send the pic with all method of how to install the coolermaster, please do.I am very curious.

For overclocking, I used the Clockgen(as you said) two years ago. I was waiting for the new version of the clockgen but then they haven't released it yet.

Normally, overclocking requires a bit of raise in Voltage so overclocking through BIOS is the place but DELL BIOS do not provide the overclocking option so I used the clockgen but you can only overclock a bit...even water cooling people didn't pass over 300mhz on 6400+.. anyways it wasn't stable so I gave up on overclocking. Overclocking through software is not a good idea anyways especially on unsupported motherboard.

But if you happen to overclock safely, please also email me on this matter. As you know, I do keep update but i really need more and more information in order to update my page. :-)

You play combatflysims???? I used to play them too. But then i didn't have much friends to fight with me so i stopped....sad...

Keep in touch!!

Btw, that Central Brain Identifier is a nice software. I didn't know about that.

Warmest Regards


T.OINARI said...

To Anonymous

I have managed to overclock with clockgen but I couldn't set the voltage to V1.45 from start up. I also did stress test and was ok so far.

I remember why my overclocking didn't work two years ago.

first, I was overclocking 5000+!!! with the dell heatsink.and I was using vista at that time. That's why.

I took your word and tried again, now it is almost stable. I clocked it to 3380Mhz though i reduced it to 3300mhz since the fan is bit loud.

Thanks. I am going to add the overclocking section in my article as well soon.



Toine said...

I trying to do the ubervoltage using Central Brain Identifier. It looks to me the Dell mobo voltage is limited to 1.45 Volt. Using the 4200+ I could do more ubervoltage, even the Watts were going to the 89W range. Now I see no influence on the Watts, Did also try Nvidia nTune and AMD overdrive, but both are not working on the Dell mobo. Any one knowing software to adjust the Voltage????

T.OINARI said...

To Toine

Hi. Strictly speaking, you can not change the voltage through software because this is something to do with Motherboard and CPU itself and not to do with in the Hard drive. Using Clockgen, I was able to overclock safely up to 3400Mhz. The wattage is over or under the limit 125Watt but it was possible to overclock with 1.4V. After all AMD 6400+ is the high end of the k8 processor so it has it's own limit.

Nvidia ntune and AMD overdrive won't help. Please understand that it is a Dell BTX Motherboard you will not be able to change voltages through softwares.

I will update soon to add the topic about overclocking.

Toine said...

I think the mobo limit is 1.45V I did not face this limit when I did a try on my AMD 4200+, here the CPU needed voltage is lower, so you have more steps to the 1.45V limit. Linked is the details from AMD 4200+ & 6400+

Dell's Intel mobo can be pinmodded could not find anything for AMD but who knows.

BTW; did you recieve my Email????

Toine said...

pinmodding on AMD see

T.OINARI said...

To Toine.

Hi toine. Will you communicate with me through emails rather than on the comment section? because that is easier. Did you receive my reply to you email??

I really want to discuss about this method you gave me. Thank you.

D. Ellison said...

Hi. Great Site! Nice pictures;)

Im D. Ellison on the Dell Community.

D. Ellison said...

Cpu cooling tip:

Mount a small fan, Im using a 60mm fan, on the stock cpu cooler. It rests on the cooler using shortened match sticks and is held in place by two rubber bands (around the cooling block).

Anonymous said...

There is a deal on NewEgg right now for a Athlon II x2 for $50 shipped. This processor would be fast and it wouldn't run as hot as the Athlon 64 x2's. I know that it is socket AM3, but in theory AM3 could work with AM2. Has anyone even attempted such an upgrade. I was looking at a forum on Dell where someone had attempted it.

Also here is the newegg link:

T.OINARI said...

Dear Anonymous

Hi regarding that AM3 CPU on AM2 question, I have not tried because of the following obvious reasons that states AM3 CPUs won't work on AM2 motherboard:

1. If you read carefully on wikipedia, it mentions that AM2 work on AM2+ motherboards and vice versa but really depends on the brand of your motherboard. AM3 does work on AM2+ motherboard because AM2+ motherboard can handle DDR3 memory controller. That said, AM3 doesn't work on AM2 motherboard because AM2 can not control DDR3 memories. In anycase, even that Athlon II happen to work on E521 motherboard, you won't see any performance improvements due to the bottleneck of the Hyper transport limitations. (and please please don't trust wikipedia as it is not precise anyway)

2. Although some motherboard do support both AM2+ and AM3, E521's motherboard can't support both of them due to the number of holes on the CPU socket. You will notice that the shape and the number of pins on AM3 CPUs are completely different from AM2/AM2+ CPUs.
(940pins for AM2/+ and 938 pins for AM3)

3. E521's motherboard doesn't provide enough NVRAM to support latest AMD processors.

4. Dell does not provide BIOS update because of the above reasons and thus the motherboard can't recognize the new CPU

5. The motherboard memory controller(or motherboard itself rather) only accepts the CPU that has the memory controller that can handle PC2-6400 memories thus the motherboard is solely designed for AM2 or AM2+. Not AM3.

These are the reasons why it is so obvious that AM3 socket doesn't work on AM2 socket motherboard. The obvious one is the shape if you flip the AM3 CPU. If you can see the picture somewhere, you will quickly notice that.

The powerful reason why it doesn't work is the memory controller issue here and the NVRAM amount on Dell motherboard which is not sufficient to support AM3.

IF, that Athlon II works on this motherboard, then it means that Phenom will work too which is quite wrong.

Having said that, I wouldn't dare waste the money to test out.

Hope this helps.

Warmest Regards


Anonymous said...

Tomo...this really clears a lot up. I think I'll just use my E521 as it is in this case. It runs Windows 7 great so I'll just stick it out until I am out of college and can afford to build my own.

Thanks for all the time you spent on this project.

T.OINARI said...

Dear Anonymous

Not a problem at all.
If you can upgrade up to a point, you just have to change your motherboard and the case and that will completely change everything.

I can understand that you want to bring out your system to the peak performance. I do the same But, half of the performance issue is caused by Windows OS. The crazt hardware upgrade were done here and there after the release of Vista. Personally, I think using 4Gb of RAM for OS is a ridiculous idea made from Microsoft.

I am also testing out Windows 7 Ultimate at the moment. Yeah it runs great compared to XP and Vista.

I have one favor to ask you. Will you keep in touch with me for any software/hardware related issues from now on directly to my email?
I need more info about E521.

(it is almost like a research...)

Warmest Regards


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great article.

By the way,

What's "Little Note about
Brisbane 5000+ BE and 6000+ Brisbane"?

Is this page under making now?

Thanks again for sharing

T.OINARI said...

Dear Anonymous

Yes, I still need to investigate about this little note about Brisbaine 5000 and 6000.
These CPUs can not be installedand used properly without reverting the BIOS to the previous versions. I am still investigating on this topic so bare with me. But having said that, I think we should avoid Brisbaine CPUs if you don't want any hassles.

Warmest Regards


Essay About Dell Computer Corporation said...

Very informative and helpful. I was searching for this information but there are very limited resources. Thank you for providing this information

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Anonymous said...

Well sir?dude. I have the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (windsor). I have the dell 1.1.11 bios. Would it be possible to use the Brisbane 6000+? And what are the reconfigurations?

T.OINARI said...

The reason why I can't update on the 6000Brisbane edition is due to a non response from the submitter who did this to work. But as far as I can remember, it is not possible now because you have to have a lower BIOS version in order to work around 6000 Brisbane. But I do not know this process because i haven't done myself.

i'm sorry.

GFER said...

Hi, I have found this blog through another forum RE: Upgrading the processor on a Dell E521.

I have the AMD2 5000+ 2.6 processor. About a year ago I upgraded the Graphics Card (nVidia GTX 260) and the Powersupply ( Corair 650w), whilst doing so I broken my OEM heatsink, so I replaced it with a Noctua heatsink and put another fan in. It runs fine but the processor it bottlenecking the entire system with more advanced games. Also using Vista 32bit.

I found many peopel have upgraded to a AMD Athlon X2 6000+ Brisbane Edition (89Watt, 3.1Ghz). I have 1.11.10 bios and have two problems.

1) I am not sure if this processor will work with my set up.

2) I cannot find it for sale any where!

So, I would be ever so grateful if you could reply and at least answer one :)


T.OINARI said...

Dear GFER,

Hi, Thank you for visiting my webpage.

I am aware of others on internet about their 6000+ Brisbane CPU but I personally didn't upgrade myself to that CPU. Brisbane edition requires a BIOS version downgrades in order the system to fully detect it. My BIOS is the new version like you have so it doesn't work. There are ways to downgrade BIOS version but i didn't risk myself doing it. Since I have not upgraded my CPU to 6000+ Brisbane (I did to 6400+ Windsor), I can not guarantee that it will work on your E521. I can see that they are not sold anymore everywhere too. Even 6400+ is rare now. If I were you, I will search for 6400+ instead of 6000+. These CPUs don't overclock well so I suggest you to get 6400+ windsor.
I don't know whereabout you live. If you would like me to look for it as well, please write to me at

Thank you.

T.OINARI said...

Dear GFER,

Apparently, there is one commentor (at CPU section) who posted that 5600+ Brisbane edition works. Only problem was that the system doesn't recognize it well but he said that he can play games smoothly.

Gfer said...

Thanks for the extremely swift reply in a topic that's so old! I think I actually used your explanation on installing the noctua heatsink although I had to modify mine to allow me to put in the Gtx260 beast. That was over a year ago.

I will search for tha 6400 as I'm not so worried about costs as I have already come quite far with this hardware update.

Finally, I'm in the UK, didnt you use the 6400 in your upgrade? In the event I do purchase this new CPU will my cooling keep up? It does get quite hot 33-40 CPU idle 55 on full load. Gpu is 55 idle and up to 70 on full load playing age of Conan.

I will also contact you via mail if you wish. Just wanted to keep this blog relevant as it's not like dell are any help.

T.OINARI said...

Dear GFER,

:) yes, I do answer quickly unlike Dell customer service.

I myself installed 6400+ and at that time, I tried the Noctua heatsink. I had a same temperature readings as you have there so I purchased Dell Optiplex Heatsink XP850 and replaced Noctua one. At that time, I felt I have wasted a lot of money but sadly, although Noctua is expensive, Optiplex heatsink gave me a good results. I think the link on my web is dead now so here it is. Have a look for this type of model (or simply buy this one)

as for the CPU,

AMD 6400+ runs very very hot and it is essential to get the above heatsink. I have used Noctua for other computer build i did (my second rig phenom 940 AM2+ one) but it didn't give me a good temperature. so I installed it on intel Q8300 build at last and sold it. I think you should change to that optiplex heatsink now in my opinion. The reasons I wanted to put Noctua are that a) I was hoping a good temperature b) I know that it runs quieter. But, afterall, I chose optiplex heatink. I have slotted in that Noctua fan (80mm) at the back of the shroud and the temperature got even lower.



T.OINARI said...

Dear GFER,

By the way, GFER, I really recommned you not to buy Noctua Heatsinks in future. I have noticed that they don't mix copper much on their heatisnk giving a high temperature. Their fans are very good i must say(I am still using their fans) but they are relying on it too much that they didn't do well on heatsinks. After trying different heatsinks, the ones that gave me an acceptable temperature is Cooler Master 212, Corsair watercooling kits, and of course that dell optiplex one. Today, I am using my fourth built rig but I didn't even look at Noctua products. And they are expensive indeed for what we get.


GFER said...

I had only bought the Noctua because I destroyed my OEM Dell one whilst trying to make room for the GTX260. I fear that if I purchase that heatsink you listed it may not fit with the graphics card. The GTX260 takes up the full area from its slot right to the shroud. I removed half of the shroud to fit the Noctua heatsink and attacked a Noctua fan to the side thats furtherst away from the graphics card - mostly because it wouldnt fit on the side the graphics card is on!

That processor is "Used", do you think it would still be fine? The seller has good feedback.

If you have installed thsi heatsink and think it doesnt take up as much room as the Noctua then I will purchase it on your recommendation. I am just a gamer with little computer hardware experience so I rely heavily on stuff I read ^^.

With a good dab of paste and a thorough clean, would the Noctua heatsink, noctura secondary fan on heatsink, and the Dell OEM shorud fan keep temepratures around 40c for the CPU and 80 for the GPU? I'm wondering how many degrees the Dell heatsink you listed would lower temps inside the case.

I am also interested in your case mod to install two fans. But I will do that once I install these other parts and see what the outcome is.

For those who are reading this wondering how I managed to fit a GTX260 into a E521... The answer is simple, I 'Made it fit'. Some of the components get in the way, I modified the card case. This is not recommended as it surely voids warenty on a very expensive card.

T.OINARI said...

Dear GFER,

Alright in that case, it may be wise to keep Noctua. That ebay seller looks fine to me. By the way, GFER, I think we should share info through email because i really would like to see your system. Will you take photos of inside please?

Thank you,

Warmest Regards


Graduate thesis said...

Hey, Really great work,I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us,
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T.OINARI said...

To Graduate Thesis,

Thank you graduate thesis. I will try to find my time to improve my webpage more. There were emails with their details on their E521s so I should really get going. I want to apologize for being late on my updates.

Warmest Regards


hari said...

Thanks a lot for the detailed notes on DELL E521 upgrade... yeah, its kinda old but got some good deals and time to go through this upgrade (finally). My older (factory-made) E521 was getting quite hot / noisy. I upgraded to amd 6400+ with stock heatsink. install went very smoothly.

Thanks again!!!

T.OINARI said...

Dear Hari,

Thank you for visinting this website. It's a bit of shame that i have stopped updating but i can't help it as i am getting very busy lately.

Thank you

Warmest Regards


hari said...

For Dell E521, your notes are as close to complete (with pics and comments from others), you wouldnt need to visit very often ;)

One thing i wanted to add was that when I installed AMD stock heatsink, I couldn't find a direct outlet to plug in fan's power supply. Luckily I had an extra antec 92mm fan and I used its molex adapter to plug it in. (Note that I was also upgrading PSU to Antec 550W). Just wanted to mention!


T.OINARI said...

Dear Hari,

Yes, the biggest issue is that E521 motherboard doesn't support three pin CPU fans. And sadly, I couldn't find a converter for that particular plugins. But I would say that as long as it's quiet, and cool, then I would keep it as it is. I like Antec 550watt too by the way :-)

Warmest Regards


Anonymous said...

Hi, is it possible to upgrade the Bus Type USB 2.0 to the new USB 3.0?

T.OINARI said...

No, as far as I know, no. Unless you get your self a new case, motherboard, etc or the controller card where it supports usb 3.0. But, as of today, it may be pointless to upgrade that area unless you upgrade everything.

thank you ,

Warmest Regards


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Dear Annonymous,

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for this wonderful blog and upgrade guide regarding the Dimension E521. It has been very helpful in upgrading my mother's computer into something that is capable of modern use and some light casual gaming.

Without this guide, I would be at a loss as to what is or is not compatible as it seems detailed information about the E521 simply isn't available, except for here! So thank you again very much (:

T.OINARI said...


It is a real pleasure to see us sharing and helping each other. I bet it wasn't a wrong decision to make this small website. It's been four years now since but I feel a lot of things have happened during the time. Please feel free to comment or share any experience that may be useful. I might do a big update some time soon based on all the comments I have received.

Thank you again !!

Warmest Regards


Chuan Xu said...

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