Thursday, 2 July 2009

Graphic Cards

The third most important component in the system is the Graphic card.

All colors, moving objects, 2D, 3D rendring, encoding movies, animations, complex calculation, desktop interface, etc etc are all graphic card's work.

Without the graphic card, these will not function properly. If you have the onboard video chip on your motherboard, then you may not need but it is always best to have a graphic card in your system.

PCI interface graphic cards were common 10 years ago. Now, the PCI Express Graphic card is showing a real improvements.

My first graphic card upgrade was in 1997. I was playing Tomb raider 2 with ATI graphic card.

There are a lot of graphic card company but the most common ones for home entertainment, university, and the business are ATI and Nvidia graphic cards.

The same goes to CPU brand as well. Most people not know other brands other then AMD and Intel. But for us, it is well suited for home entertainment.

Modern GPU helps the calculation on CPU and shares the Memory as well. It is always best to use GPU rams as they are faster than the system Rams.

Bigger graphic card Ram capacity is needed for bigger resolution (1280x and over) and for complex huge graphic processing( a lot of physics and objects on the screen)

Nowadays, 1Gb of graphic card is cheap now. It doesn't harm you buying a large capacity of GPU rams.

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