Sunday, 21 June 2009

Option 4: Installing Cooler Master Hyper TX CPU Cooler

It is not acceptable that most modern heatsinks are expensive. This Hyper TX heatsink is NOT expensive but perform it's role IMPRESSIVELY. I am still looking for the place where you can get this. It is really difficult to find the stock.

1) Based on the size I noticed that this can be fit into E521. But, I had to do some modifications which could be very difficult. For the modifications, I used simple tools and materials that were in my house.

Lets start this adventure, please consider that I use vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the motherboard. (some people may argue about the static electricity but it is not the question here)

Remove the current heatsink in E521. (below)

Use screw drive to unscrew the two screws (fully) and pull up the heatsink (don't force to pull out otherwise, the cpu will also come off with the heatsink) horizontally so that it will come off. If you are not sure please look the pic above and below.

2) First the cooler is equipped with AMD bracket and Intel bracket.

The Intel Socket Bracket is needed here. Break the plastic pins, using a pliers (below)

As you have noticed the Intel bracket will not fit. (Below)

You must bend the bracket otherwise it will be interfered with the copper heat pipes and use the roundfile to reshape the Volt holes.

The bracket is isolated from the Mobo by using nylon rings, never know it touches some electric part.

3) To connect to cooler to the brackets I made bridge plates made from a beam connector, which are normally used by a carpenter or better use a 1mm steel strip from your hardware store. Using a electric saw I made the bridge and a drill for the holes (Below)

Its all mounted by m3 bolts and I have used a sliding meter to measure the level. Bolts are locked by using nail polish, but paint will also do the job.

4) Apply the thermal paste on the heatsink and fit in to the brackets you have made. (Below)

If you take a close look, you will notice that it is quite tight fit here.


After you have done all these, you might like to try stress test by using softwares. But, after the stress test, you should check all of the bolts because they will become loose. screw tightly.

Looks simple but if your not into the tools go for the Noctua (option 3) , its a lot of work and you need a lot of measuring to do it properly.

Some of the other pics:

5) Results

Again, did a bit of overclock and see if it is acceptable in terms of stability.

the highest temp reached was 47/51 C with the clock speed o 3474mhz.

There is no temperature rising in all other components.

It is highly stable.


Cheap, and according to tomshardware, it is a good cooler and it is better than Noctua.

Non Dell coolers are compact. It will alow us to install long and big video cards


It is labor intensive to install, do not go for this heatink IF you don't have right tools or if you are a clumsy person.


Anonymous said...

I have just got too the last stage of fitting a Hyper TX '2' which is the lastest model.

Where did you wire the Cooler Master Hyper TX CPU Cooler fan to (circuit diagram or wiring pictures please)

T.OINARI said...

Hi Anonymous this is Tomo

The CPU fan cable is directly connected to the PSU by using ''Molex Fan Adapter'' Such as this one:

Usually, these fan adapter comes with the fan you bought (such as 92mm fans or any fans)

Although the only problem is that if you connect the adapter directly to the Power Supply, the fan will spin at FULL. Which may or may not make a lot of sound. If your fan is loud, then I really suggest you to get the fan controller found in

The mini fan controller comes with the molex power adapter.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

The fan from the Hyper TX2 is quiet. Only fan you will hear is the stock Dell fan. So nothing to wory about the sound here. Keep in mind that the Hyper TX2 (BTW, the latest is the TX3, but the cooler is wider) is a very effective cooler, according to Tomshardware 2008 testings even beter than the Noctua range.

If you need more help, contact me by Emailing Tomo


My Dell Dimension E521:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
Cooler Master Hyper TX2
RAM 4Gb Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400
PSU Corsair TX750W
Sapphire VaporX HD4890

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
I got one of those Molex Fan Adapters,
thanks for the tip.
The fan is on full and is very quiet.

I turned the heat sink 90 degrees from the blog pictures.

Cut the fan housing down and remounted it with screws by drilling into the heat sink fins.

By remounting the fan slightly off centre it gave me enough room to fit a BFG GTX 295.

To get the BFG GTX 295 into slot I had to also cut down the edges of the original E521 fan housing,
cut out some of the rear of the steel case frame and cut out some of the rear panel of the case.

What size nylon rings should I use to isolated the mounting bracket from the Motherboard ?


T.OINARI said...

Hi This is Tomo

I have sent over the message to Toine who managed to install the heatsink. He will leave the message here shortly.

By the way, You have mentioned that you have installed differently by changing the angle.

You have also mentioned that you have managed to install GTX295.

Will you send me a bunch of photos of your heatsink (the way you installed) and the GTX 295 including the simple method what you have done.

This would help me greatly to update my webpage on both heatsink and the graphic card section.

Please click on my profile (or the funny looking guy with tea) so that you can send through my email.

I prefer this sort of matter through emails rather than putting the details on the comment section.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards


Anonymous said...

Nylon M4 washer Din125
inside 4.3mm outside 9mm thikness something like 0.5--0.7mm I do not know actual size.
I had the cut one washer I think it was leftbelow to fit it into the mobo. For cutting I used a scissors.
Please sent us the photo's and your modifications.

glennjacob said...

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