Friday, 4 September 2009

About the Softwares in this Blog

About the Softwares in this Blog.

1) All Softwares listed here are tested and examined by me. I have included the detailed informations on each software.

2) All Softwares listed here are Virus and Malware or Spyware free. I have checked thoroughly. Additionally, I have put a Read Me note written by me on some softwares so that you will know how to install and use the software.

3) All softwares listed here are Freeware unless I tell you it is not. Also, I will try to put if the software is compatible with XP or Vista.


My software selections divide into three categories.

a) Anti Virus Software

b) Useful Softwares

c) Other Softwares.

I wouldn't put much for the beginning because I am still at the middle of testing other softwares. For now, I will put the ones that I have finished testing.

(I will update this part if necessary. )

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