Sunday, 21 June 2009

CPU Driver and Useful Softwares

I assume you have Windows Operating Systems. If you do, here are the easy steps to update the CPU driver.

For XP:
Start->Control Panel-> System->Hardware tab->Device Manager. Expand ''Processors''
Right click to update.

For Vista:
Start-> Control panel(switch to classic view)->Administrative tools->Computer Management->Device Manager

For Windows 7
You don't need to update...

IF the driver Version does not change to V1.3.2.0 27/05/2006 from whatever the version you have after the update (You can check it by going to the Device manager-> Expand CPU and right click to property-> look for driver version) , please download and install the official CPU driver from Dell

There is a well known CPU software that increase some of the game performance.
Here it is. It is called AMD CPU optimizer.

Though this software is not needed on Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit.

In order to check the detailed model numbers and spec of the CPU, you need to download the following softwares. There are a lot more others but these are the ones I use the most:

Central Brain ID

Also, I often check the temperature with the following simple free softwares:
(please make sure that you choose 64bit for ''Core Temp'' if you have 64bit XP or Vista or Windows 7. Other ones work fine on 64bit)

Core Temp

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