Monday, 27 July 2009

Front Fan and additional fans

Front fan is the only main cooling device in E521. BTX motherboard in E521 is designed in a way that all components are cooled down by the front fan only making it the most quiet system.

But, installing new components in E521 makes it difficult to cool them properly.

The difficult part is that you need to know your system's behavior (how hot hour system is when you are playing games etc..) in order to buy a suitable fans.

E521 motherboard uses 5 pin cable for the front fan. This is not because of the BTX motherboard. It is because of dell. Dell modified the pin number.

But, fortunately, you can change your front fan. The advantage is that it will get a lot more cooler but the downside is that it is usually noisy when it is cooling the heatsink properly.

When you open the E521 case, you will quickly notice that the front fan is also covered with the shroud. This is to isolate the airflow from the front.

Another downside is that your front fan should spin at the highest rate since the dell motherboard can not accept the third party front fan cable. Thus the fan is noisy.

For a bit of interest, I have put the method of putting the third party front fan.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide.

I have just wired my original case fan to run at full speed for overclocking my Windsor 6400+.

Unclip (use a pin or nail to unlock the connectors)
The red and black cpu fan wires from the 4-pin PWM connector then crimp them into a 4-pin molex connector.

Red cpu wire to yellow molex wire.

Black cpu wire to black molex wire.

Connect this molex to a PSU molex.

Reconnect the cpu fan 4-pin PWM connector back to the motherboard.

Use a torch to look through the front air intake,
Turn on the P.C. And check the cpu fan is running.

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