Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Buying Fans

When I buy computer fans, I look for:

1. Quiet fan operation (Ex. 17dB-20dB)

2. Capable to push a lot of air (30- 50cfm)

3. The box that contains necessary items (screws etc.)

Currently the noctua 92mm, shown above, meets these requirements. They are silent and efficient. Though, there is one downside for this fan. It is not that powerful enough to push the hot air from the CPU heatsink. But, this fan works well if you attach it at the back of the heatsink rather than the front. Probably, it has more air pulling power than pushing them out.

I can't recommend which fan is good for E521. If you can handle the loud fan, there is no problem but person like me seek for quiet yet superior cooling fans and it does cost a lot of money.

Right now, I reinstalled the Optiplex CPU heatsink in my system with the Noctua 92mm fan attached (or rather inserted without using any device. The shroud hold the fan quite well) at the back. It dropped the CPU and GPU temperature to roughly 5C. You might like to try that out too.

If you don't intend to mod your case, then you can buy two 92mm fans (for the back of the case).

I will update this page if necessary.

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