Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Installing additional DVD drive

When you want to install a new DVD drive for E521, the new DVD drive must meet the following requirements.

1. The new DVD (or CD) drive must be SATA.

2. It must be for the desktop internal ones and not the external one. You should really check the product before you buy them from the internet as some pages do not put the right pics.

3. The dimension should be 17cm. The width is roughly about 14.8cm and the height is 4.2cm.

This is all. Nothing difficult. You also need a 30cm long Sata Data Cable as well.

I haven't tried Blu Ray Drive for E521 yet but if it is SATA, then it should work as well. But please note that playing back Blue Ray requires a good Graphic card that costs over £100.

1. As shown in the pic above, push the blue holder down and the front black panel can be taken out.

2. At the back of the Black panel, you will see four screws screwed for each slot. The one below the second DVD drive slot is for the floppy drive.

3. Find your way to remove the slot cover (where you see four screws) and unscrew the screws with the driver. It is bit tough so be careful.

4. Once you have taken out the four screws, bring your new dvd drive.

5. Observe the new dvd drive and you will find four holes for bolts. Screw the bolts.

6. Install the dvd drive to the second slot from the front. You should hold that blue holder with one of your hand while installing the dvd drive with your other hand.

7. Plug in the powercable from your power supply and the data cable to the motherboard.

8. Close the black panel. Examine the black panel and close it from left to right.

I didn't put pics here because I really want you to examine carefully. I understand that pics give you easy instructions but, it is essential to observe any PCs carefully before any upgrades. This DVD drive installation is not difficult anyways.

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