Thursday, 16 July 2009

How much can you put in E521?

1. Two 3.5 inch internal SATA or SATA II hard drive only.

2. You can install 1TB or more on each slot if you wish.

3. You can buy External USB or Ethernat based 3.5 inch Hard drive enclosure and buy another internal quiet operating hard disk. Hard drive enclosure supports any amount of Hard drive capacity.

4. You can buy External Hard drive to increase the capacity of your media.

For cables required for hard drives, please go back to the table of contents and click on ''Cables''

I will update this part if necessary. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any problems or any queris. Thank you.


the man said...

got tow 1.5 samsung drive running.
And thanks for the site you are number one on my list looking for upgrades to this rig.

T.OINARI said...

Dear man

Thank you so much for the information. Currently, I am testing some softwares and gathering informations about installing the Graphic card too. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...


I'm planning to purchase 3TB WD harddisk.

I just wonder if I can use this with E521 OEM motherboard.

Thanks for sharing

T.OINARI said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hi!! Sorry for the late reply. (I was in the 13 hour airplane...). Although i haven't tried 3TB myself on this machine, I will tell you that IT SHOULD WORK. If not, then get the hard drive enclosure and that would become as external hard drive. 2TB was able to read. so I think 3TB should also work. Anyhow, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB and 3TB weren't around when E521 was produced so once again, it should work. IF not, please let me know or post the comment here that it didn't work . Thanks

Warmest Regards