Monday, 13 July 2009

Ram Disk Configuration part 2

Whatever the consequences, I insist that using the Ram Disk will NOT fix the problem of 32Bit OS regarding RAMs.
It will still remain as 3Gb of available physical rams even if you increase the size of Ramdisk(assuming you have 4Gb of ram like i do) .

There are so many webpages that DO NOT explain to you how to configure the Ramdisk correctly. So here I go:

Currently, you can configure the Ramdisk utility for the following purposes(at least I do at the moment):

1. Move the internet (firefox only in this Article) TEMP folder to Ramdisk to increase the speed of internet Surfing and for security reasons.

2. Move the Windows Temp file to RamDisk.

3. Move the Macromedia Adobe Flash player Temp file to Ramdisk to smoothly buffer the data of flash video streamings. Eg. youtube

Click on any of the above to see how to configure the Ram disk utility step by step.

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