Saturday, 29 August 2009


Remember which one of the components you are targeting to upgrade.

The upgradable parts are divided in to three sections.

Upgradable Parts 1.

- Power Supply (This comes first)
- Video/Graphic Card (Any PCI-E version ones you like)
- RAM (Any brand but 6400 800mhz ones)
- CPU (AMD 6400+ that is.)

Upgradable Parts 2

- Video/Graphic Card Heatsinks and Fan

Upgradable Parts 3

- Cutting and Modifying Job if necessary depending on which heatsink you have installed.
- Adding Once more Internal Hard drive
- Adding necessary Cables (DATA cables Molex Fan cables, Mini fan connector etc.)
- Additional Fans as you desire

When you upgrade E521, you will notice that the most time consuming bits are finding and installing CPU heatsink, cutting jobs depending on the heatsink you have installed, and finally, choosing a right Graphic Card.

If you follow these parts in order when you upgrade your system, you upgrade will go smoothly.
Decide which one to buy especially the Fans and Heatsinks first or else you will be stuck during the middle of upgrade. It is important to continue your motivations of upgrading before it ends up.

It is a good idea to plan whole picture before you decided to buy the components. As for the CPU, there is no doubt about getting AMD 6400+ so grab it immediately from Ebay or some store if they still have one while the stock last. (black edition or normal one whichever you like)

Example 1:

CPU: AMD 6400+
CPU Heatsink: Dell Optiplex heatsink
RAM: Geil Black Dragon 800mhz (1Gb x 4)
Graphic card: Asus HD4850 Single Slot
Additional Fans: Noctua 80mm Fan and one Hiper 80 fan
PSU: Hiper 530watt with four SATA cables

Example 2:

CPU: AMD 6400+
CPU heatsink: Noctua 92mm heatsink (or HyperTX heatsink)
RAM: Buffalo 800mhz (1Gb x 4)
Graphic card: Sapphire HD4890
Additional Fans: Noctua 80mm and two more 80mm silent fans for rear.
Additional Hard drive: one Seagate or Samsung 1.5Tb internal Hard drive
PSU: Corsair TX650

If there is any parts that you wish to see or upgrade, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will immediately answer to your questions.

(I will update this part if necessary)

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