Saturday, 29 August 2009

About my webpage

There are couple of people who helped me building up my webpage.
I asked them and they gave me half of the pics and the informations in this webpage.
The rest is made purely by me.

I think although we will not use E521 forever, it is necessary for us to keep the computers until it stops functioning. Upgrading E521 does increase the system generations and the best of all, it is stimulating to upgrade old BTX motherboard.

I have spent a lot of money to E521 to experiment differnet types of heatsinks (there are couple of more that I haven't listed because it is not good at all). It was a real nightmare to find something good for E521 as I am a very fussy person when it comes to computers.

This webpage will continue it's update. I will start adding more interesting staffs that other webpages do not offer.

It is very difficult to ask people to help out this webpage because 1) most people are thinking of buying new components for the new rig. 2) Quite often, people do NOT respond to the messages. 3) So many people are not willing to help out other people once they have done their upgrades.

My webpage has three features:

1) I respond to people very quickly and honestly (unless I am away to other country...)
2) I do not want others to spend a lot of time looking around forums so I have concluded the necessary parts without any Lies!
3) I want to give some idea of taste and the interest of upgrading the computer

My webpage will continue to evolve to meet up to date.

I still have some omissions and mistakes in my webpage so anyone who reads this, please DO email me or contact me through the message board to help me out.

I am eager to help out other people upgrade their computers. I will continue to contact other people who needs my help until they have succesfully upgraded their E521.

ALL questions are welcome. If I don't know the answer, I will honestly tell you that I don't know.

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