Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hi all! I have made this webpage for those of you who really want to upgrade Dell Dimension E521.

Sure, it is not as powerful as the modern quad core PCs but it does perform decently if you upgrade properly.

I myself, suffered upgrading this system due to the fact that BTX is not supported today. Actually, the BTX motherboard vanished after E521's release and so, the related and compatible components that is specifically designed for BTX motherboards are not manufactured any more.

Not only that but the fact that nobody never, ever, made webpages that describe and explain clearly how to upgrade this system, drove me mad at the end.

I could see here and there who managed to upgrade their E521 in forums but they didn't even bother to help other people out. Chit Chat at forums are not enough. And

I can understand that most people do ask silly questions before they upgrade their systems. I tend to ignore them too but today, i have changed my mind. I feel comfortable helping other people after all.

I personally don't like forums so I made up my mind to create my own webpage. It wasn't my first time to create the webpages so it was alright. I picked Blogspot. I have no particular reason why i picked it.

Today, I am more or less happy with my system after certain upgrades I did. It was time and money consuming. You wouldn't believe if I say that I have spent more than £200 on this machine for upgrading but it is true sadly.

My webpage is based on my experience but I asked for others to help out too because there were certain areas that I couldn't manage myself and also, I wanted to make my webpage, the ultimate E521 upgrade guide.

I will list the contributors and their contact address at the end of the content.

Half of the upgrades are done by them and half of the pics are taken by them. I don't know how to put this in words but I want to thank them deeply. Without their helps, I couldn't make this webpage properly.

The updates are still going on until it finishes. If there is any news or if anybody bring some news about this particular system I would like to hear from them. Any thoughts are also welcome too.

Please feel free to email me if you have anything to say.

Click on my portrait (peach or butt sort of face..) and there you can click ''Email'' under contact.

I check my emails 10 times a day so please expect a fast response from me.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards


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