Friday, 4 September 2009

About motherboard heatsink

Please look at the pic above again. The heatsink that is circle with pink color is called the Motherboard Heatsink. Generally, it is called ''North Bridge Heatsink''.

It is necessary that you take this one out as well as the other heatsinks in the system and apply the thermal grease too.

Please examine how the heatsink is holed. You will quickly notice that it is clipped. Unclip and take the heatsink carefully.

You will notice that the heatsink is the ''tape version'' of heatsink and not ''thermal grease version'' of the heatsink. Use flat screw driver of anything to wipe off this stubburn tape and make it as clean as possible.

Use soft cloth to gently wipe of the motherboard North Bridge chip. (turn the cloth while pushing the cloth gently as if you screw the bolts.)

Apply a tiny tiny drop of the CPU thermal grease and carefully clip back without sticking the thermal grease everywhere.

What you will get if you don't do this:

1) The data flaw will be disturbed while you do the other operations simultaniously. (eg. talking with skype while watching movie with mute but the sound is transmitted to the other person you are speaking with. Or, simply, sluggish in performance sometimes.) In otherwords, the overheat of motherboard will cause a unexpected behavior.

2) You will get the BIOS error message at the start saying that the NB Heatsink is not connected even though you haven't touched the heatsink. This error is caused by the overheat of the North Bridge.

Hardware stops functioning by the following three reasons generally.

1) Faulty defective one from factory

2) Over Heat issue (this is the most common one)

3) Excessive Static Electricity or any strong magnetic device or field.

Please do remember that these three are the most common ones so far I have seen with my own eyes.

Please consider that other problems are caused by the ''Drivers'' and ''softwares''.

If you are intending to buy the new heatsink, you may but please make sure that it fits into E521 by measuring it. You need a smaller one if you are intending to install the double slot Graphic Cards.

As for the recommendations, I don't have any so it is totally up to your choice.

If you have any questions, please ask me. Thank you.