Sunday, 12 July 2009

About Water Coolings

There were three cooling methods. Oil, Water and Air. Oil cooling is not used anymore at home PCs anymore. Water Cooling attracts fussy enthusiasts. Out of three, the Air cooling is the cheapest, and the most efficient way to cool components in the computer.

Water Cooling is mainly used for CPUs that dissipates a lot of heat that can't be coped with ordinary heat sink with fan attached to it. This is the reason why overclocked CPUs require water cooling. The other reason for using the device, is to reduce the overall sound.

Water Cooling do not drop the temperature significantly when installed on top of such high heat CPUs. Instead, it maintains the constant temperature throughout even at full load.

Maintaining the constant temperature can be done by high quality and expensive water cooling device mainly the pump. High quality water cooling kit costs more than £600 in this country (London)

Such Water cooling kit is generally huge and used for full tower case.

Any small or miniature water cooling kit may not show a good performance due to the size of the pump. Also, the low quality pump emits irritating sound that will bother you.

Installing Water cooling kit in E521 is bit tough i guess.

The ones that can be installed in E521 is only designed for low end CPUs and although the price is quite attractive, it doesn't seem to show a good performance on AMD 6400+ according to the other user in the internet.

There are few reasons why I can't install water cooling device in E521

1. Size of the case not sufficient especially if your PCI slot is used already.

2. Needs other materials to fit it on the CPU. Universal brackets (that is compatible with BTX motherboard) to tighten the water block doesn't exist any more. May need bending works.

3. All good price (below £100) BTX compatible and small size water cooling kit doesn't exist any more. They have stopped manufacturing them. These types of cooling kit appeared in 2005-6 so it doesn't support the high heat CPUs such as AMD 6400+ that came out in 2007-8.

These are the main reasons why i can't get it for E521. The third reason is the big issue here.

I have been surfing internet to find the compatible water cooling kit for E521 even it is designed for ATX motherboard but then i couldn't find one.

I have also noticed that the water cooling kit is not often stocked compared to Air cooling device such as Fan.

Such Water cooling kit (Cooler master Aquagate Viva) that came out 2005 can be installed in E521 but again, they are not stocked anymore. You may get it on Ebay but it doesn't work right if you have AMD 6400+ in your system. It is not worth the price.
The below shows the size of this device.

This is a good size and i have been looking at other water cooling device that is more of less the size of this.

You can see the universal bracket used to hold the water block above.

Modern Domino Coolit water cooling like the above is only around £70 but as you can see, the bracket is not really designed for the E521 motherboard. It is acceptable if a bit of bending work can let us install such water cooling kit but the picture above shows clearly that it can't be done unless you have additional materials to modify completely.

Installing this still expensive Zalman Reserator to E521 is bit ridiculous. But I can confirm that you can install this to cool down the new Graphic Card only. I bought myself this device to test out but I couldn't install the CPU bracket (maybe you can though...)

So what we lack here the most is the CPU Block that can be fitted in to E521 motherboard with a little bending work so that everyone who owns E521 can install water cooling kit more or less.

By the way, water cooling in E521 is not necessary if you have a good CPU heatsink that can cool down the AMD 6400+ CPU.

All right. The AMD CPU block such as above (Alphacool NexXxoS XP) requires more materials in order to install into E521. This costs £30. Do you still really want to install Water cooling kit into E521? I think not.

SO, the conclusion is that it is better not to install Water Cooling kit in E521 since it is virtually impossible unless you do a lot of metallic and bending works.

If you have any news about installing water cooling kit in E521, please let me know. I will update this section if necessary. Thank you.


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There were three cooling methods. Oil, Water and Air. Oil cooling is not used anymore at home PCs anymore. Water Cooling attracts fussy ...

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