Friday, 4 September 2009

Anti Virus Softwares

Anti Virus Softwares are generally and usually created for the Windows OS platform such as XP and Vista. (or even Win 95, 98 etc etc).

That means, the computer virus out there today are designed for Windows OS and nothing else.

Though, recently, the new virus is designed for MAC operating system as well.

In the old days, virus was designed for self appeal, for mere jokes and for showing off what you can do with the computers.

Today, more than 1% of the whole world population use Personal Computers at home or at work and most of them are infected with the viruses. That means most of them are using windows based Computers.

There are several reasons why the creator of computer virus creates viruses for such OS.

1) Spying the infected computer is part of their job now. They are always seeking for card details to earn their livings. We are living in such world today.

2) Windows got famous due to it's easy to see Graphical interface when they first published windows 95. The previous Windows such as 3.1 were generally used for buisness and it is really arount 1995 that we started to put desktops in our house. Famous OS is an easy target to acquire personal details but most of the time, they design their virus because they don't like windows at all. (yes I mean it) The same goes to the MAC computer as well.

3) Virus are created as part of their status so that they can be employed by the Anti virus company.

I am not sure if you know this but most of the time, the 3) is applied when the virus creators are caught. (after the court buisness etc.)

Anyways, the advantage of using the Windows OS is that we can play computer Games. Most of the PC games are designed for Windows OS mainly.

Other activities such as downloading, playing back medias, surfing the net can be done with other OS. In fact, it is much safer to surf the internet with other OS.

If you are lazy and want to stick with Windows, then you have to pay for the antivirus softwares.

If you are just using the Windows for Games Only, then there is no problem apart from hacking and the internet performance issues.

Please select a) Part 1, b) part 2 or c) part 3 from the table of contents.

I have listed each with some explanation purely from my experience.

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